All About Bridal Shoes
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Find your perfect pair of bridal shoes on your wedding day.


All About Bridal Shoes


Are you looking for the perfect bridal shoes for your wedding but don’t know which is the right one for you? Will you choose a 3” heel shoe or pick the flat one? Open toe or sandal type? With so many colors, styles and designs to choose from, sometimes it’s really difficult to find that perfect wedding shoes for that one important day in every girl’s life.

Finding a wedding shoe need not be that daunting, you just need to consider few basic details to help you choose the right pair.



You need to consider the kind of fabric, color and design you are going to use for your gown. As a rule of thumb, your wedding shoes should match your gown as closely as possible to create a coordinated look. Match the fabric of your wedding shoes with the material of your dress.

If your going for a shorter or knee length dress heels are the right pair to use to make your legs look slimmer. It will also lengthen the overall appearance of your limbs. An open toe wedding shoes will go nicely with your high heels making your feet an added attraction. Just make sure that you have your toes well manicured.

If you are getting married outdoors and the climate is hot it would be wise to choose a sandals to give your feet a chance to breath. More importantly, it would not give off bad smell once you take them off after the wedding.


You will be on your feet all day so make sure that you are comfortable with the bridal shoes that you will be wearing. You should find a bridal shoe that feels nice on your feet. Don’t go for something that just fit. Select the size that you normally wear for your office shoes or dress pumps.

It's best to choose the larger one if you fall between two sizes. If you decide to choose a bridal shoe with straps or ties make sure that they can be loosen easily and does not scraped onto your skin. Your bridal shoes can make or break your wedding day. Don’t sacrifice style over comfort. If your feet hurt you will feel miserable.

Don’t forget to break in your bridal shoes before the "Big Day" to have the feel of it on your feet. Try to walk your shoes on different kind of surfaces to see if you will have difficulty walking.

To avoid tripping on slippery floors in your bridal shoes, apply sandpaper to roughen the smooth finish on the sole of the shoes. Its better to change your bridal shoes now than wait for the actual wedding and be sorry for not being able to walk properly on the aisle.

It is also best to have a second bridal shoe. Choose one that has low heels so that you can change shoe during the reception where you are seated all the time.

Brides in general do not give as much attention to their bridal shoes as they do to their gowns. They thought that their guest’s attention would be on their dress. But most people are drawn to the bride’s legs and feet if they are wearing short dress, thus giving extra attention to your wedding shoes. It pays to spend extra effort in choosing the perfect pair bridal shoes. Would it be nice to have your best feet forward during your wedding day.